Your Goof Proof Guide to Painless Fashion Tips

Your Goof Proof Guide to Painless Fashion Tips

Your Goof-Proof Guide to Painless Fashion

Every woman chooses and desires the latest trend and fashion. It is natural since being a #trendy #fashionista can make us way more confident. However, fashion itself is a difficult thing. Fashion accessories can make us feel painful. For instance, your feet may suffer from pain triggered by your high heel, your back may be broken with weighty purses and fashion bags, etc. Every fashion accessory can have some pain going along with them. However, there are solutions to this problem. This is the goof-proof guide to #painless fashion.

Carrying handbag without breaking your back
Your handbag is probably an essential accessory since you will need it on many occasions. On your daily going out, you cannot miss fashion items such as lip balm, sunscreen, lipstick, #moisturizer. However, your shoulder and back may be put under pressure created by the bag, thus leading to shoulder or back aches which are likely to get worse day by day if you repeat carrying your bag. In order to avoid such aches, you should use bags with wider straps as these can hardly cut into the blades of the shoulder. You can also try a cross body bag because it can relieve the pressure from your back and shoulder. Do not carry heavy bags to avoid shoulder or back pain. Therefore, you should only carry things that you need most in your bag.

#Carrying high heels without pain
#Speaking of fashion, we cannot miss high heels. Gorgeous pairs of high heels play a very important part in beautifying your outfits and fashion. However, your high #heels, especially new ones, can, most of the time, make your ankles get swollen because of the straps. Since new heels have too many tight straps, they can inflict much pain to your ankles. Applying a bit of ointment to the area that is mostly rubbed or where the strap of your heel lies has an ability to prevent your #ankles from such #pain. Thanks to the use of the ointment, your feet can avoid pain and swelling.

#Sweaters without #itchy #sensation
Sweaters, caps, jackets, many other warm outfits are necessary accessories for winter. Nevertheless, your skin can get rashes or itchy due to some of the #fabrics in the #wool. This irritating condition can make you feel uncomfortable. In order to deal with this, before wearing a woolen sweater, you should wear full sleeve cotton shirt. Plus, make sure that you moisturized all of your body skin owing to the fact that dry skin is vulnerable to itching and rashes.

#Painless Earring #Fashion
Cute, beautiful earrings are very attractive, aren’t they? However, you may have a full #awareness of the difficulties and problems that #wearing long and weighty earrings present to you, especially for a long time. In addition, long and heavy earrings are #potential to #stretch your earlobes forever, hence leading to the damage of the natural look. Rather than using metal earrings, you should try light-#weight #plastic ones to avoid the resultant unsightly earlobes. Also, you should not wear long earrings regularly. Small earrings are not potentially #harmful to the looks of your ear, thus helping you feel more #comfortable.


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