Winter Routine| Natural Curly Hair

Winter Routine| Natural Curly Hair

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Click Here to see how I stretch my hair!: (Stretching Natural Hair Without Heat in 10 Minutes)
My old Winter Hair Routine: (Winter Routine for Moisturized & Defined Curly Hair)

Products Used:

-Cleanser was “Renpure Solution’s Cleansing Conditioner”:
-Detangling conditioner was “Trader Joe’s Conditioner”
-Deep Conditioner was “Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner”:
-Leave-In Conditioner was “Mixed Chicks Leave- In Conditioner”:
-Coconut Oil:
-Comb (I bought mine from the beauty supply store). This one is similar:

Technology Info:

FILMED W/: Canon T3i
EDITED W/: iMovie
LIGHTING: I used three different lights:
-Bestlight’s Macro Ring light (w/ the orange filter) attached to camera lens, link:
-The other two were Limo Studio Softbox lights on the side of my face (comes w/ 2 soft box lights), link:
SD CARD: 64 GB (Class 10):

Music Info:
Song: Circles
Artist: Lensko
Music Provided by: NCS (NoCopyrightSounds)
You can find it here!:

The artists (Lensko)’s social media accounts:
➞ SoundCloud
➞ Facebook
➞ Twitter
➞ YouTube

NoCopyrightSounds is a record label dedicated to releasing FREE music for the sole purpose of providing YouTubers/Streamers with the finest music to enhance the creativity and popularity of your video/stream which is safe from any copyright infringement. (NCS releases can be used for commercial use on YouTube)

**This is not a sponsored video. The Mixed Chicks products and Renpure Solutions products were sent to me in exchange for a 100% honest and unpaid review. I received no incentive (monetary or any other incentive) to have a positive review.**


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