Winter Outfits: Tips On How To Layer Clothes | Men’s Fashion | Next

Winter Outfits: Tips On How To Layer Clothes | Men’s Fashion | Next

The concept of layering is simple enough, but balancing the needs of warmth and style can be a little trickier. Our Next menswear gurus show you how to layer men’s clothes with 3 easy-to-achieve looks, for warm autumn and winter layering.

Winter outfits for men often feature a lot of dark clothes, but with any of these looks you’ll find that a bright blue or light pink shirt – fresh colours – will stand out beautifully against charcoals and light greys of overcoats and knitwear. If you’re looking for thin winter layers that still hold heat, seek out merino wool items which won’t bulk out your silhouette.


1. Add a gilet – great for warmth, but also work-appropriate in a black or dark blue. Bigger gilets are great transitional outerwear if the weather is still temperamental, while thin gilets will sit snugly beneath an overcoat.
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2. Pair a roll neck with a dark-coloured zip top and a tailored overcoat – subtle layering that keeps the heat in.
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3. Put a chunky knit in between the classic coat-and-shirt combo; knitwear looks great under long overcoats.
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