Will These 9 Tips Keep Your Hair Clean & Voluminous Longer?

Will These 9 Tips Keep Your Hair Clean & Voluminous Longer?

Should you follow Bright Side’s 9 Tips to Keep Your Hair Clean & Voluminous Longer? Let’s find out!
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The last Bright Side video we reacted to had some pretty questionable advice, but today they have a chance to redeem themselves as we find out if these tips actually give you clean hair and increase your hair volume. I used to struggle with greasy hair so I am extra curious to see what they say will cure oily hair problems. We’re all about life hacks and hair care that actually works because we want you only to have the best, most efficient hair care routine possible whether you’re trying to grow long hair or just want to maintain healthy hair.

Watch Bright Side’s original 9 Tips to Keep Hair Clean and Voluminous Longer video:

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Is there a beauty guru, an advice channel, or hair trends that you want to review and see a reaction video for? Tell me in the comments and we’ll figure out if they give good life hacks or not!

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