Who’ll find love on our blind date? This week it’s Samantha, 36, and Aaron, 34,

Samantha, 36, (pictured) who has been single for six years, is a primary school teacher

Samantha, 36, (pictured) who has been single for six years, is a primary school teacher 


Dating Past?

My mum’s keen for grandchildren and she put me up for this — although she did ask first.

I’d love to meet someone. I haven’t had a proper boyfriend since university, and I’ve had little success with online dating as most guys want to cut to the chase and just talk about sex.


Single for six years, no children.


Primary school teacher.


Someone adventurous and romantic who’s looking for something serious — unlike the men I meet online.


Pre-Date Nerves?

No, none, even though it was my first blind date. I’m quite a laid-back person.

I told a few colleagues and my best friends, but I didn’t tell my mum that I was going through with it until the last minute.

First Impressions?

Aaron seemed nervous, but he looked nice in a black roll-neck jumper and checked trousers — he’s got a good sense of style. I was struck by his strong bone structure and nice eyes. We said hello while I was still wearing my mask, which felt like a very formal start.

Easy To Talk To?

He was shy at first. He admitted he wasn’t sure if he should order the prawn cocktail because it might be a boring choice. Did he wonder if I would judge him? I would never do that.

He said I looked like Holly Willoughby, which was flattering 

As a teacher I’m used to talking, so I naturally led the conversation. We got talking about the future and agreed we’d both like to have children at some point.


LIKED? His honesty and his trousers.




Embarrassing Moments?

I teased Aaron for saying that he wanted to meet someone who looks like Holly Willoughby, but was then quite pleased when he said there is a resemblance between us. I’m not sure if he was just flattering me though.

Did Sparks Fly?

There was chemistry, yes. Funnily enough, it developed after he confessed to being nervous.

About halfway through our meal, Aaron suddenly apologised because he was worried he was coming across as awkward. His nerves were getting the better of him. It broke the ice and, from that moment on, we got on really well. I’d like to go out with him again.

What do you think he thought of you?

Well, he asked to swap numbers and sent me a text the same day. We wrapped things up after two hours only because the restaurant needed the table back.

Would your family like him?

There is nothing to dislike.

Aaron, 34, (pictured) who has been single for four months, is a musician and painter

Aaron, 34, (pictured) who has been single for four months, is a musician and painter 

AARON, 34,

Dating Past?

I nominated myself for this as I wanted to be pushed out of my comfort zone. I’ve just come out of a year-long relationship with someone in her 20s.


Single for four months, no children.


Musician and painter and decorator.


Someone attractive and funny who’s had some life experience and knows where they want to go.


Even though I’m a hopeless romantic, none of my relationships has lasted longer than two years.

Pre-date nerves?

I was quite nervous, as I’m rather shy, but the eight people I live with (in a big warehouse conversion) all thought it was a good thing for me.

First Impressions?

My first thought was that Sam is very pretty. She looked good in jeans with a white blouse and jacket. She has a fantastic smile, warm eyes and thick, bouncy hair — she reminds me of Holly Willoughby.

Easy to talk to?

I had been so worried beforehand that I thought it might be awkward when I got there, but it wasn’t. I dithered over whether to order a prawn cocktail as a starter, but Sam reassured me it wasn’t boring.

I liked how positive and encouraging she was. In the end, I was able to open up.

She’s so confident I worried she’d think I was immature 

Embarrassing moments?


LIKED? Sam! It was a really cool way to meet someone.




None, thankfully. I did feel shy at times. I’m someone who clams up when they get nervous. Sam was great, though, and put me at ease.

Did sparks fly?

Sam isn’t someone I’d think to approach on a night out. My head is usually turned by women who are more immediately outgoing. But we clicked and I’d like to see her again soon.

I did worry that she would think I’m too immature, since she’s quietly confident and sure of herself. And I know my communal living situation is unusual for a man of my age.

What do you think she thought of you?

I think — hope — Sam is into me. It could have gone either way! I’d like to meet up with her again and have texted her already, so I’ll find out soon.

Would your family like her?

My family would definitely like Sam. She would get along well with them.

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