WEDDING MUSIC – 2. Sanctus [Patricia's Wedding]

WEDDING MUSIC – 2. Sanctus [Patricia's Wedding]

A tribute to all brides in the world.

I compose this music for my sister’s wedding, you know, Patricia…
Again this was a long time ago, with my old JV-1080 as a virtual orchestra. I told her it would be great to offer this music to every bride that need a original music for her ceremony. And she agreed.

If you are going to get married, congratulations, and if you like this music and it match what you feel for that very special day, don’t hesitate in contact me so I can send you the original files.


There are five tracks:
1. The Bride: when you approach to the altar with your glittering wedding dress.
2. Sanctus: A little prayer.
3. Comunnio: Another big moment of the catholic ceremony. If not, any other special moment.
4. Forever One: The ring in your finger.
5. Rice from the Sky: Make sure they just throw rice!!

You can the add any other track special for you, or use any one of them if you don’t like it all.

I hope this music bring your special day the emotional filling you desire.

My best,


All music copyrighted by nonú iazabo

You are allowed to use my music in youtube or non-commercial videos, just credit me in the video or in video description as the composer. And if you are going to use this music in your wedding send me a special moment, it will be an honour.

The image comes from
a genious designer. This dress in inspired by Ariel (Disney). All rights reserved to Alfred Angelo.

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