Vintage Style Guide (1930s Day Wear Look)⎟VINTAGE TIPS & TRICKS

Vintage Style Guide (1930s Day Wear Look)⎟VINTAGE TIPS & TRICKS

Recently I’ve been promoting my collaboration with the World Cycling Revival in preparation for their upcoming vintage-themed event at the Herne Hill Velodrome from June 14-16th.

For all of you lovely people attending the event, and anyone else looking to try out vintage style, this video provides a style guide for a 1930s day wear look, featuring clothes by the House of Foxy.

I have taken inspiration from photographs of everyday women of the 1930s for the outfit, and then pictures of Hollywood stars of the era, including Vivien Leigh, Greta Garbo, and Jean Harlow, for the make up.

The House of Foxy are a major sponsor of the World Cycling Revival and will have a pop up reproduction vintage clothing store in the retail village where you can shop in between watching cycling and sipping on Pommery French champagne!

Check out what else House of Foxy has to offer:

Find out what is happening at the World Cycling Revival:

Buy 2 for 1 tickets:
Use the discount code “BEESKNEES”Watch the rest of the Vintage Tips & Tricks series:

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