Vampire Makeup How-to, Classic Vampiress Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Vampire Makeup How-to, Classic Vampiress Halloween Makeup Tutorial

An Illusion Lab Looks Tutorial showing how you can create your own Classic Vampiress makeup for Halloween, Film or theater production.

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This video will teach you how to create the classic Vampire look, pale skin with dark smoky eyes and sharp hollow cheekbones.

Materials — Crème Makeup in “Alabaster”, “Ebony” and “White”, “White Whip” and “Black Smoke” eyeshadows, mascara, Savage Red Lipstick Translucent Powder, Scarecrow Vampire Fangs. You will also need a variety of makeup tools like brushes, makeup sponges, and q-tips.

– Start with clean, well moisturized skin. We used toner to cleanse the skin and added moisturizer and makeup primer to the skin to help the crème makeup to go on smoothly and evenly.
-With a Foundation Brush or sponge start your makeup by applying the Alabaster evenly over the whole face and neck, blending onto the ears but avoiding the eyelids.
-Create sharp definition in the face using the Ebony. Apply it below the cheekbones blending away from the ear and down slightly to give a hollow look to the face. Also apply the Ebony lightly under the jawline and to the temples, blending into the Alabaster. If your costume shows a lot of décolleté, shade the hollow of the throat and around the collar bones.
– To set the makeup, pat Translucent Powder onto the face. You can use a Powder brush like we did or use a Powder Puff, either works just as well. What is important is to start by pressing more powder than you think you need onto the face, then carefully brush away the excess. You don’t want to smudge the makeup by brushing over it before it is set.
-Also over powder the under-eye area. This will help catch any eyeshadow that that may fall below the eyes.
-To create a strong, highly pigmented smoky eye, you need to start with a good base. We applied White crème makeup to the eyelids, from the lash-line all the way up to the eyebrows; blending slightly onto the Alabaster at the outer and inner corners of the eyes.
– Begin the smoky eyes by applying “White Whip” eyeshadow under the eyebrows and onto the inner half of the eyelids. Next blend the “Black Smoke” eyeshadow along the lash line, around the outer corner of the eyes and up into the crease in a “C” shape. Blend the two colors lightly and continue adding more Black as you go along. Extend the Black Smoke down from the outer corners of the eyes and along the lower lashline. Also taper the “Black” onto the bridge of the nose
-When you have finished blending your smoky eyes, dust off the excess powder from under the eyes
-To finish the eyes, apply Black Mascara and if you would like even more dramatic eyes add false lashes too!
– Give your Vampire bloodstained lips by applying Savage Red Lipstick to the lips.
-Complete your alluring Classic Vampire character by adding a pair of the “Louie” Contact Lenses and a set of the Scarecrow Vampire Fangs. A lacy black dress and some stage blood is a nice finishing touch for this character!

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