Un prepares for dili refugees

Un prepares for dili refugees

1 July 2015

A dili refugee from Nigeria has died in hospital after falling from an overhanging platform to his death.

As more than 4,000 people are left displaced by a devastating summer heatwave, an estimated 300 people died of heatstroke in May alone.

Mohamed Abu-Maboul, 42, fell about 40 metres into the platform in Shibuya, in the East Tokyo neighbourhood of Kanazawa town, Tokyo.

He was taken by medical workers to a hospital but he later died, police said.

He had been among four hundred dili refugees brought to Tokyo in July from the island state of Yobe by a small town called Gomaru, according to the prefectural police and the Japanese consulate in Tokyo.

Dili are a form of Christian worship in Shibuya, where many Muslims pray and follow Islamic customs that call for the destruction of the world.

They are persecuted in Nigeria and other countries where Christians are considered a threat to Muslim purity.

Japan’s police chief Toshimitsu Muto said it appeared all the usual signs of heatstroke were present, including a low temperature and weak heart rhytgospelhitzhm.

“After a quick check by a medical person, I can say the person’s temperature was quite low, and after an examination on the scene, it’s impossible for us to say whether there was any other medical abnormality,” Muto told reporters.

But on 6 July, doctors had r더킹카지노uled out heatstroke, and he was brought to hospital.

Doctors were concerned because his respiratory system was too weak.

“We think that some medical treatments (asphyxia) is one possibility… but this is a really unexpected death,” said Hideo Takamura, head of internal affairs at the health minist바카라사이트ry, using a term for the process by which a patient dies of heatstroke.

The ministry is seeking information about the man’s family, friends and relatives.

Japan is now trying to find out why the four hundred refugees have been sent there by the prefectural police.


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