Tyra Banks Makeup Tips and Tricks In 5 Minutes

Tyra Banks Makeup Tips and Tricks In 5 Minutes

You don’t need to spend a fortune to look supermodel chic. Former supermodel, talk show host, and business mogul Tyra Banks lets us in on her secrets for looking fierce everyday.

Even when I was supermodel-skinny, I was curvier than most other models. But I’ve always loved my curves. My biggest beauty secrets are being healthy and loving yourself. Here are a few more:
1. Best Beauty Basic
At night I use Vaseline everywhere: under my eyes, and on my laugh lines, lips and elbows. I swear by the stuff!
2. Best Instant Makeover
Well-groomed eyebrows really open up the face. When shaping your brows, don’t overtweeze them, but go for a natural, fuller arch.
3. Best Soft-Skin Tip
I am the lotion queen. In the morning and at night, I use Aveda Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion on my entire body. It keeps my skin soft and smooth.
4. Best Eyeopener
White or beige eyeliner awakens tired eyes. The light color really makes me look like I got a full night’s sleep when I got only a few hours.
5. Best Skin Smoother
Exfoliate your dead skin cells one or two times a week. I love to take time for a bath, and exfoliating during this time is perfect. I use a lavender salt scrub. It really relaxes me after a long day at work.
6. Best Way to Add Dimension to Your Face
Blush and bronzer. But be sure to use them sparingly to highlight, not hide, your features.


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