Travel Beauty Tips Featuring No7 (Cecilia Ngan), Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Travel Beauty Tips Featuring No7 (Cecilia Ngan), Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Prepare for take-off. No matter where you’re heading to this summer, flying can expose your skin to the stresses of travel. From departure to arrival, popular Hong Kong illustrator and blogger Cecilia Ngan shares a few of her best beauty tips and tricks to help you add some color to your flight plans.

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Step 1: Remove All Makeup. Start off with a clean canvas. Strip your face of makeup with an oil-base cleanser that won’t dry out your skin.
Step 2: Hydrate & Moisturize. Get ready for flawless skin. Apply a thin layer of nourishing concentrate. Once the formula is absorbed, it protects your face against dehydration.
Step 3: Finish With A Hydrating Mist. Spritz on a light hydrating facial mist to finish. Your skin will feel refreshed and look dewy.

Step 1: Pamper Yourself With a Mouisturizing Massage. To relieve the tightness in your skin from the pressurized cabin, apply a light face cream and massage your face as needed throughout the flight.
Step 2: Freshen up mid-flight with an eye massage. Keep away from puffy eyes with a balm or serum and firmly press the pressure points around your eye area for better circulation.
Step 3: Don’t Neglect Your Lips & Hands. Flying is the perfect opportunity to do some resting. Pamper yourself with a soothing hand massage and put on some lip balm before you get your beauty sleep.

Step 1: Add A Pop Of Colour To Your Lips. Put on a bright bold lip before stepping out in style. Pick a shade that works well with your skin tone and offers SPF and moisturization.
Step 2: Line Your Eyes For Definition. Make a statement by adding eyeliner to your upper lash line to instantly look bright and pulled-together.
Step 3: Finish With A Fragrance. Before you land, spray on a scent behind your ears, on your neck and on your inner wrists.


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