Tips to control hairfall & promote hair growth in young women – Dr. Nischal K

Tips to control hairfall & promote hair growth in young women – Dr. Nischal K

Hair fall in young women’s most often is because of stress. Stress is related to work, family, personal life or less of sleep because of excessive work. Many at times, it can also be because of improper nutrition. Many at times in a busy life we do not give much importance to the diet, which over a period of time, gives a lot of problems regarded to health. The most important thing that happens with malnutrition is damage to the skin. The skin becomes lusterless, the hair becomes fragile, it tends to break off here is a lot of hair fall seen. This can happen because of a very tight and a busy life schedule. Another cause for hair fall in women is because of anemia, which is commonly neglected. This could be because of neglected diet or misunderstood diet. Having a tea or coffee immediately after diet is not very good because the tannin in the tea, it tends to hinder the absorption of vitamins and iron in the food. so it is not a good advice to have tea or coffee immediately after food. So because of this people can have severe iron deficiency anemia because of that. Another reason is bin young women a because of lifestyle they can have obesity or PCOD. Obesity and sedentary lifestyle makes young women prone for Polycystic Ovarian Disease an diet can lead to hair fall , not only hair fall, it can also lead to excessive facial hair called as hirsutism. So when it comes to women, look at the lifestyle, try to address the issue. Have nutritious diet that is rich in iron, like dates , green leafy vegetables , raisins, pista, sprouts, which is a source of proteins. Also Omega 3 rich food like sea food, walnut, flax seeds are very good for the hair. Coming to the treatment, when the hair fall is severe, we start them on peptides and also minoxidil based solutions, along with multivitamins.


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