Tips to choose best facewash for men – Dr. Rasya Dixit

Tips to choose best facewash for men – Dr. Rasya Dixit

Men always have an issue when they are going to decide which face products they are going to buy and as often as a simple facewash may be, men are often given a big range of choices form oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin. Usually the facewashes which are designated for men, which says face wash for men. Usually target those people with more oily skin. But please don’t brand yourself or slot yourself in those slots. Understand your skin first. If you wake up in the morning and you feel that the T zone, or the forehead, the nose and the chin area are more greasy, as soon as you wake up, before using any product on the face, you might be having a little bit of an oily skin. If you skin is dry or stretched, immediately put a face wash, your skin may be dry and you might even have a combination of the two, just because you are man, it doesn’t mean that you just buy a product which us for men, most of which obtains a salicylic acid to exfoliate the skin. However once you have discussed an discovered what is your skin type, then you go on to choose your face wash. If you have a relatively oily skin, choose a face wash which has a salicylic acid or glycolic acid which helps to exfoliate your skin and of you have dry to sensitive skin, use a neutral pH facewash which is more foaming. Men usually don’t like cleansers or toners. So choose only a facewash which is lathering or foaming. Ask for a soap free face wash, but which has lathering and foaming. Ask for a soap free facewash, but something which has lather if you have dry and sensitive skin. Avoid products which has too much perfume or lather too much as they dry out your skin excessively and make it sensitive to the sun and that may in turn cause pigmentation when you go out. And remember to put on your sunscreen. There are a lot of gel based sunscreens which are transparent, which are available for use, which will prevent your skin from getting dark and importantly from getting aged. It is important to use to use the correct face wash to prevent acne or pigmentation and also to prevent ageing of the skin.


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