This Is What Your Hair Can Tell You About Your Health

This Is What Your Hair Can Tell You About Your Health

This is what your hair can tell you about your health. Sorry to say but it’s already kind of decided whether or not you’re gonna have a lot of body hair, if you’re going to go bald early or how soon the grey’s will appear. Can all this hair be trying to tell us something about our health? Should we be paying more attention to what our hair is doing? We’re gonna answer these hairy questions and more in today’s video.

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You’re Getting Older ————- 01:05
Imbalance In Your Hormones ————- 01:49
Adrenal Gland Disorder ————- 02:43
Autoimmune Problems ————- 03:27
You Could Be Low In Iron ————- 04:50
Hypothyroidism ————- 06:12

You’re Getting Older.
Going grey before your time can be because of your genetics. But it is a common sign of getting older and it happens because the pigment cells die. It’s actually recommended you don’t pluck the greys from your head as that could lead to bald patches, or infection.

Imbalance In Your Hormones.
Experiencing a boost in testosterone levels, which both men and women posses, can increase hair growth on the body and on the face. The condition of unwanted male-pattern hair growth on women is known as hirsutism.

Adrenal Gland Disorder.
It’s also known as Addison’s disease. When adrenal glands produce too little cortisol or aldosterone, that’s when Addison’s disease can develop. Symptoms of this disease include the loss of body hair, but also a strange craving of salt, feeling extremely tired, weight loss and many other hard to diagnose symptoms.

Autoimmune Problems.
Losing hair on your head or body in weird circular patterns could be what’s called alopecia. This can mean hair loss of the scalp, or hair loss on your body, including your eyebrows and even your eyelashes.

You Could Be Low In Iron.
Not having enough iron in your body can create all sorts of health related issues including, you guessed it, hair loss. Hair loss is actually on eof the most common symptoms of an iron deficiency.

It’s really important and when it’s out of whack, it can cause some real problems Problems like a hormonal imbalance and eventually hair loss. It’s said that everyone has a “hair cycle” which is a time of year that you shed more than others, and it’s different depending on the person.
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