Then & wow, FEMAIL unveil the women who look better now than ever: Julianne Moore

The women who look better now than ever before…

Pictured: Julianne Moore aged 38

Pictured: Julianne Moore aged 59

FEMAIL uncovers the changing appearance of Julianne Moore. Pictured left: Aged 38. Pictured right: Aged 59 


Back in 1999, the star is unrecognisable with limp curls which have little volume. Her make-up is minimal, lacking definition around the eyes. Her pale base and dark lipstick make her look washed out, too. 

WOW 59

Today, it’s hard to believe the actress is almost 60! Her auburn hair is perfectly coiffed in a much slicker style that complements her delicate features. The nude lipgloss and soft blush brighten her complexion. 


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