The Shark HZ400UKT is now on sale on Amazon and shoppers are going wild for its suction power

Are you tempted to invest in a Shark vacuum cleaner but not sure which one is worth the money?

There are currently a few deals on top-rated Shark vacuums on Amazon that are worth checking out, including the highly-rated Shark HZ400UKT

The vacuum is usually £270.85, but Amazon has slashed the price by £70, so you can now snap it up for just £199.99. Bagless, upright, handheld and designed with Anti Hair Wrap technology, the Shark HZ400UKT makes cleaning far less of a chore. 

You can now save more than £70 on the Shark HZ400UKT, which is currently priced at £199.99 down from £270.85

You can now save more than £70 on the Shark HZ400UKT, which is currently priced at £199.99 down from £270.85

Admittedly, the Shark HZ400UKT is still an expensive purchase and it does come with a lot of features that might not suit everyone’s needs. 

That being said, the vacuum is hugely flexible, combining the versatility of an upright stick vacuum with the reassurance and power of a corded cleaner. It can also be switched from the traditional upright hoover to handheld mode to tackle harder to reach spots like stairs and furniture.  

On Amazon, 84 per cent of shoppers left the Shark HZ400UKT vacuum a perfect five-star rating. The model is so popular in fact that it’s scored an impressive average score of 4.7 out of 5. 

Customers have raved about the cleaning power and performance of the vacuum, which largely comes down to Shark’s signature DuoClean floor head with Anti Hair Wrap Technology. 

Not only can the vacuum glide from carpets to hard floors seamlessly, but it also features a bristle brush-roll to clean deep into carpets and a soft front brush-roll to actively pull in debris and lift dust from hard floors.

If one of your biggest bugbears is removing tangled hair from your vacuum brush-roll, then the Anti Hair Wrap Technology is a great selling point. 

Purposefully designed to remove embedded pet hair from sofas and soft furnishings, it also makes light work of picking up rogue long hairs that are a particular nuisance to untangle. 

Equipped with an extendable hose, it makes it easy to clean surfaces and hard-to-reach areas

Perfect for homes with pets, it removes embedded pet hair from sofas, cushions and stairs

This Shark offers plenty of flexibility, turning into a  handheld vacuum cleaner to easily clean stairs and surfaces, whilst giving you the power of a mains vacuum when you need it

‘Absolutely the best vacuum cleaner I have ever used by a mile; better than my Hoover stick cleaner or my Dyson,’ wrote one shopper in their review. 

‘I have lots of pets, so lots of pet hair and this beauty sucks it all up. The amount of fur and dust it removes is both astonishing and horrifying as each time it looks like I haven’t vacuumed for a month!’

Another shocked shopper wrote: ‘The suction power is AMAZING. Honestly it felt like it was trying to drag me across the floor it was so powerful, so I can’t fault that at all. 

‘What came up from my carpets was both amazing and disgusting. I was so unprepared for what the Shark sucked up. 

‘You just don’t know what’s lying beneath the surface and in the underlay. I honestly don’t know how I survived without a machine this powerful.’

A third customer added: ‘Our carpets are a few years old and now look brand new, I couldn’t believe the amount of dust from the first use!’

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