The Mom Interviews With Alison Lumbatis – Fashion Tips

The Mom Interviews With Alison Lumbatis – Fashion Tips

Welcome to another episode of The Mom Interviews, a brand new show that has hit the web about moms… brought to you by!

Kristen Hewitt welcomes Alison Lumbatis from Alison shares her tips to help moms get out of a style rut and take part in her regular style challenges. A great tip shared is that no matter what size you are, wearing something fitted either bottom or top, will flatter every shape.

Alison is a certified professional life coach, former actress/print model and personal stylist. Through her “Pretty Strong” program, she also supports women undergoing cancer treatment by providing complimentary GYPO Style Challenges and other benefits.

This episode is not to be missed. Kristen and Alison’s enthusiasm is contagious and will have you feeling inspired.

As a special thank you, gives Alison the Posh Mommy Wee Loop Necklace with her children’s names and birthstones.

About The Mom Interviews:
Each week Kristen Hewitt chats with a mom, bringing you interesting stories about motherhood, tips and tricks to juggling work and home life and how we can all make a positive impact on our world.

About Kristen Hewitt:
Apart from hosting The Mom Interviews, Kristen Hewitt, is a sports reporter, producer, editor and blogger for You may have also seen her on the sidelines as a feature reporter on Sun Sports during Miami HEAT telecasts.

Brought To You By: has been honouring mothers for over 25 years by creating a collection of jewelry that represents the special bond between mothers and their children. Each piece can be personalized by including genuine birthstones and kids names.

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