Tax haven figure tight lipped on extradition case

Tax haven figure tight lipped on extradition case

The Panama Papers will not be published in full, but will provide details of the offshore trusts held by Mossack Fonseca off더킹카지노icers and Mossack Fonseca-owned companies located outside Germany, Switzerland and Jersey. The paper contains confidential information on 11 countries, including tax havens.

In addition, it contains information about 1,800 offshore trusts with German addresses and 3바카라,500 offshore companies incorporated in Britain.

The report details the tax-haven status of a quarter of the entities from 14 German governments whose leaders are on the German-held group.

More than 20 government officials listed in the Panama Papers have previously been jailed for tax evasion or other financial crimes.

A law-enforcement agency investigating the Panama Papers had told the German government that as few as one in four tax haven trusts and one in eight tax haven companies were linked to criminal activities.

However, the data will be reported as a preliminary examination of the problem, with the intention to establish what the most important details will be. This may lead to further legislation as well as law enforcement investigations and prosecutions.

The German government believes it must investigate the issue after a leak of data from Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca revealed that 바카라German officials were close to the offshore trusts.


The report gives the names, addresses, and contact details of people listed on an anonymous registration in Germany, and of foreign-owned companies that are incorporated in Germany or controlled by the German government.

The information is not public because it is considered sensitive by the German government.


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