Swine contract flu in canada to spread to Canada

Swine contract flu in canada to spread to Canada.

Canada’s national veterinarian’s office says it’s not the first time flu has killed pigs in Canada우리카지노. But the first was in December 1998.

There have been four confirmed cases of flu in Canada in recent weeks.

In a statement issued Wednesday, the veterinarian’s office says an outbreak of the flu in Canada was “significant, widespread, and highlnatyasastra.comy transmissible.”

“Flu was detected in eight to 10 per cent of pigs on August 11, 1998.

“Flu has occurred in pigs from a very small population, and the majority are susceptible to influenza before they reach adults.

“If influenza has been present in an animal before, the animal may be susceptible to contracting the 우리카지노flu at home.”

Ramsden said her office has a lot of experience dealing with outbreaks of flu.

The previous outbreak is the largest yet, she said, “not only in Canada, but in the world.”


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