Similar to exfoliating your skin to remove dull/dead skin cells, trimming the ends of your hair every 6-8 weeks (depending on the condition of your hair) promotes healthy hair growth.
How do you know when you are ready for a trim?
Touch the ends of your hair – Is it rough? Do you see visible split ends, damaged hair?
If you do, then it’s time!
I have been cutting my own hair for over 10 years mostly with scissors. My husband had been dropping hints that he wanted a trimmer so I got one (same one in this video) for him several years ago. He LOVES being able to get regular haircuts at home with a little bit of my help on the sides and back of his head. He suggested I give it a try on my own hair. Reluctantly I did and I honestly haven’t looked back since because using a trimmer is SO much faster and less straining on hands and wrists compared to using scissors!
So let’s start 🙂

How To Cut Split Ends With A Trimmer
1. Start with clean hair & clean trimmer.
2. Massage Nourishing Scalp & Body Oil on your scalp and ends of hair. Gently brush through with a wide tooth comb starting from the ends of your hair and working your way up to untangle knots. This helps make your cutting smooth and effortless.
3. Divide your hair in half through the center of your head.
4. On each half section, run your fingers down close to the edge. Turn on your trimmer and trim the ends in a straight line.
5. Move all your hair onto the left side of your neck. Run your fingers down close to the edge. Trim the ends. Repeat by moving all your hair onto the right side of your neck.

How To Cut Layers With A Trimmer
1. From the center of your head, gather the topmost layer. Move it towards your face and gently brush through. Trim the edges. Set this section aside. Repeat with the layers underneath. This helps add volume to the back of your head so it doesn’t look flat.
2. Flip all your hair upside down. Brush through then trim the edges so they are about the same length.
3. For face-framing layers, grab a small section of hairs closest to your face. Trim at an angle so the hairs closest to your face are the shortest. Repeat with a section of hairs second closest to your face. Trim slightly lower than the first section of hairs. Repeat on the other side.
4. Finish off your style with Fresh Hair & Face Powder to refresh and volumize your locks without harmful chemicals! This helps lengthen the time in-between washes and gives your scalp & hair a much needed break from hard water showers, heat, and stripping of natural protective oils.

Haircare Tips
• Try to wash your hair no more than 3 times per week *We recommend using Fresh Hair & Face Powder to refresh and volumize your hair in-between washes*
• When you wash your hair, cleanse your scalp and the hair nearest to it. This prevents over-stripping the ends of your hair.
• Rinse your hair with cooler water to preserve your natural protective oils & seal your hair cuticles.
• When drying off your hair, gently squeeze out excess water and try to let your hair air dry naturally.
• When brushing your hair, start at the bottom and work your way up. Gently untangle knots.
• Give yourself regular scalp massage using Nourishing Scalp & Body Oil because Healthy Scalp = Healthy Hair.
• Try sleeping with your hair in a braid to help prevent tangles and breakage. Plus you’ll wake up with lovely waves!
• Try to use softer hair ties to reduce pulling, snagging, and breaking.
• Try to avoid tight ponytails and hair twists as this pulls your hair from your scalp.
• Try to limit how often you do heat styling (i.e. hot blow drying, straightening, curling)
• Unprotected sun exposure can wreak havoc on your hair. Practice safe sun by avoiding peak hours (~10-3) and investing in a good quality sun hat with no holes.
• Same as heat styling, try to limit how often you get your hair colored, permed, and bleached to minimize damage as much as possible.
• Give yourself regular hair trims every 6-8 weeks depending on the condition of your hair!

As always, it’s about baby steps and listening to YOUR scalp & hair! 😌🙏🏻🔮💞🦋✨

~ Products Used ~
Nourishing Scalp & Body Oil
Hair Trimmer (rechargeable & cordless)
Fresh Hair & Face Powder

~ How To Videos ~
Nourishing Scalp & Body Oil –
Fresh Hair & Face Powder –

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