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Hey guys, Dan Thomas from Image Doctor and and in today’s men’s grooming video I am going to offer some style tips for bald guys.

If you have lost all hair on top of your head or you are going bald and choose to cut the hair on top very short or shave it all off, the result can be a face that looks very long.

This is because there is no longer the distinction between the hair on top of the head which then transitions into the face. As a result a persons eyes can be taking in a whole lot of skin and flesh which is not broken up by the hair that was once on top.

Take a look at this image of Stanley Tucci to understand what I mean by the face looking quite long and not being broken up with the hair that was once there.

Whilst I still think going completely bald looks better than leaving the sides and any remaining hair on top to grow, there are 2 strategies that I think improve the completely bald look and minimise the appearance of a very long, never ending face.

Strategy number one is to shave off all your hair completely and grow short, neat facial hair such as a 5’oclock shadow or 3 day growth that is maintained with a beard trimmer.

The facial hair will break up the that long and never ending appearance and add some detail that you no longer have available through your head of hair.

See an example here of Stanley Tucci when he is completely bald all over but has a short beard.

Whilst it is only a relatively small difference, the beard does break up that never ending appearance of a a face that transitions into a bald scalp and appears very long. Having the short beard adds dimension to the face and will give people eyes something to focus on.

Strategy number two is to incorporate some eyewear which can add more detail to the face and again attract people’s eyes away from your scalp. This is particularly effective when combined with strategy number one in which the sides and top of the head is cleanly shaved and you then have a short beard and eye wear.

See an example of Stanley Tucci combining both these strategies here.

You don’t need to have poor vision to wear glasses. Non-prescription glasses are readily available and can add character, interest, and style to your overall image. And in the case of being bald, the eye wear will command the eyes attention and force people to focus on that area instead of the bald scalp and illusion of a very long face.

So keep these suggestions in mind and maybe experiment with these looks to see if you can create a new look that may add a fresh dimension to your appearance. Thanks for tuning in today guys and keep checking back into every few days for my regular videos on all subjects to improve yourself as a man.

If you’re interested in some one on one consultancy to improve your style and image, I have included a link below which will take you to my Image Doctor website and you can see all of my online and in person men’s style and image consulting services as well as download my free eBook of the 8 biggest men’s style mistakes.

Have a great day guys and keep learning and improving.


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