Skin Whitening "Night Cream" For Fairness In Ramadan! (Summer Face Cream)

Skin Whitening "Night Cream" For Fairness In Ramadan! (Summer Face Cream)

Skin Whitening “Night Cream” for Summer is Our Main Topic, Today I will share Homemade Remedy For Face Whitening Night Cream In Ramadan To Get Fairness and Whiter Skin For Eid (Special Day) I make this Night Cream With Natural Ingredients, Which are authentic and effective, so you don`t have to worry about any side effects or such, After using this Whitening Cream In Ramadan You Will get Fair and glowing skin within Ramazan, If You Like My Homemade Organic Remedy For Whitening Summer Night Cream Then Be Sure to Hit That Like Button, It Will be Appreciated!

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Before Starting our remedy you should know something about me, I am Sana and I am here to share my experience and knowledge of Homemade Organic Remedies with you Guys and Gals, I only share those remedies which are effective and without any side-effects or Such, so don’t worry about any of that when you use any of my Skin whitening or Solution for Skin Problems remedies, Because I will never share anything which is not useful and effective! Subscribe Just For That 

Now first of all you need Yogurt and Vitamin C Tablets, Use any Aluminum Foil and put 3 to 4 tablets in it and then press it with any heavier thing to make its powder, after that you need to extract water from yogurt you can do that by use of any Malmal cloth or sieve, both of these things I shoed you in this video, Now add yogurt and vitamin c tablets together and mix them well, for quantity and whitening tips you have to watch this video till end,

Now after making this night cream First of all wash your face and apply this on your face and hands as any normal cream before sleeping, in morning just wash it with normal water,

This remedy for skin whitening Night Cream will Help you in Fairness and Glowing skin especially in Ramadan, And get you ready for Eid, don`t forget me in your prayers,

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