Reinaldo adds to roars injury woes

Reinaldo adds to roars injury woes.

The injury bug gets to him.

Rolando is the one who’s out, not the other.

Rolando is the one who’s out.

A-Rod not sure who’s in this fight.

We’ll have news on this all day Monday morning.

On the topic of the AL MVP race, this guy, Mike Trout, is the reigning MVP after being named to the 2012 All-Star team.

When he takes batting practice this morning, will he be able to handle a major-league mound?

Mike Trout on how he feels about being the first AL player to win the National League MVP award: “For me it feels real good. I’ve got a lot of pride. I feel like I got the best of me.”

So he’s taking batting practice, too?

Rolando on what kind of impact Trout’s MVP candidacy has had on him: “That’s one of those things you just don’t talk about. I’m sure [the AL voting] will come out and be really good for us. The thing I learned is, you just don’t tell your story. When you talk about your story, it’s m용인출장안마ore about how do you make sure everyone thinks, ‘Hey! He’s playing in a real game!’ They’re going to look at him like, Oh, he’s not really going to score on Saturday. But he’s in a game. He’s not going to be playing the next day, right?”

So, if Trout doesn’t win the award, he won’t ever play a game. Which is sad.

Rolando on the Angels’ upcoming schedule: “We got our work cut out for us. We’re starting off against Los Angeles because we’re stil온카지노l in the wild-card playoff race and it could be four games down. We have two home games and then we have two on the road so a road swing is definitely in the back of our minds.”

Rolando on the Angels’ starting pitching: “Our starters h마사지ave been good. They’re probably our best starter this season. We don’t need a change up, we need a change up and that’s been the case. They’ve been very, very, very consistent with getting out runners. They’ve been very, very good.”

The Cardinals’ win total for 2013 is 11-7. Their record is 20-19.


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