Priyanka Chopra's Beauty Tips

Priyanka Chopra's Beauty Tips

It’s no surprise that the world loves Priyanka Chopra, aka Piggy Chops so much! She is not just beautiful, but is also multi-talented. After her stint as Miss World, she went ahead to become a successful and popular actress. She is leading a successful career as an actor, singer, performer, and philanthropist.

Priyanka is what we call, a dusky beauty. She has her very own signature look and comfort zone, which she rarely crosses, even in the films that she works on. You can see that her pictures show her proclivity to make her cheekbones and eyes more prominent, while her lips are deliberately kept nude (or neutral). She generally chooses to play down her lips, probably because she wants to draw attention away from them, or because they are quite voluptuous.

She has great hair which is invariably coloured or streaked and arranged in a style which suits whatever she is wearing. Apparently she is a major fan of hot oil massages for her hair! She claims that hot oil is one of the best things to relax her after a long, tiring day, and it also keeps her hair softer and more manageable.


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