Press On Nail Tutorial: DIY Tips & Tricks, Pros & Cons

Press On Nail Tutorial: DIY Tips & Tricks, Pros & Cons

My Favorite Press-On Nail Brands/Retailers:
Kiss –
Claire’s –
Walmart, CVS, Walgreens
Etsy – for more high end and elaborate design/length options

1. Quick and easy DIY! Only takes about 10 minutes to apply.
2. Money saved, otherwise you’d spend $25+ with a nail tech.
3. They usually come with everything you need already in the kit.
4. You can still type & wipe.
5. You can pop them right off if you need to type, wipe, fight somebody, or DJ at a party. Hint. Hint. 😂
6. Prices range from about $3 for basics to over $35+ for elaborate designs.
7. They come in all shapes, sizes, designs, colors, and price ranges.
8. You can buy the plain ones and paint over them, even in gel polish.
9. They have DIY acrylic kits where you can try it yourself.
10. You can also buy nails in bulk from or and practice with those.

1. Fake nails may come off, so you’ll have to reapply.
2. May not last as long as acrylic, gel, etc.
3. May last only up to two weeks without issues.
4. May lose a nail at an inconvenient time. Could drop in the toilet when you piss 🙄 Or it could pop off into the gas tank when pumping gas. jk jk 😂

Tips & Tricks:
1. Dress your nails up with mid-rings and other hand jewelry, henna tattoos, etc.
2. Size nails before applying to ensure it fits.
3. Make sure the faux nail lays flat on your real nail before gluing, otherwise it’d be easier for it to pop off.
4. Push faux nail under cuticle before flying to give a more realistic look. This way it will appear to be growing out of your skin.
5. Use lotion on hands and 70% Isopropyl alcohol on real nails before applying faux nails.
6. A Pinterest search will pull up Etsy links to elaborate designs you like.


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