Practical Tips When Packing for a Vacation – Women's Fashion

Practical Tips When Packing for a Vacation – Women's Fashion

Practical Tips When Packing for a Vacation – Women’s Fashion- as part of the Women’s Style series by GeoBeats.

Here are some tips on how to pack for a vacation that you are not going to end up bring everything you own. First of all: know your destination, well you should know where to start to pack. Think about how you are going to be spending your days. What kind of activities are you going to be doing? If you are going on a cruise or you are going to a tropical island then really all you need are a couple of swim suits, maybe a couple of little dresses to throw on at night for dinner, very casual. A sarong or two, maybe a pair of jeans and a lightweight shirt and you are pretty much good to go. Those things are pretty lightweight so you can roll those and get them in to a small luggage.

But if you are going on vacation say to Europe and you are going to be going all around so you do not want to look that casual all the time. You want to look put-together especially if you are in one of the cities. So my best trick is, again, you want to stick with one neutral. Take one neutral and build on it. So this way you are not bringing your brown shoes, your black shoes and all the different color shoes. So say you are going to build it on black and have black shoes that will go with everything, black pants. You want to make sure you have things that you can wash out in the sink. Or better yet, I have been to many a hotel, sinks are too small especially in Europe. So I just trot on in to the shower and I wash them right in the shower. I would drip dry. Look for knits, look for things that are going to roll up in a ball.

Again, stay darker on the colors if you are traveling by train or by boat or you are not even really sure what kind of vehicle you will be traveling. You do not want to be washing every single night. So stick on to the darker color of the spectrum. And just change out you are tops, bring some accessories. And you are good to go. And you will be able to get everything in to one of those small bags so that you do not have to worry about carting your luggage everywhere.

So here is an example of building on one color. This would take you numerous places in the world. It is lightweight, it has a little bit of stretch in it. It is in between a cardigan and a jacket so its a great travel piece. It keeps your arms covered, you feel a little bit more dressed when you have something like this on. And again you can add a black pant to it and just switch out your tops. So you could actually even build a little mix and match wardrobe, black being your neutral color. You could use teal and then maybe you want to throw in a little bit of lime green or yellow. And that would be your third color and this has actually all the colors in it. So those are some of the things that you can do. Everything here rolls in a ball and is washable. So those are my tips on how to pack for a vacation.


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