Plus Size Fashion – 10 Best Plus Size Style Tips – FREE Online Style Class

Plus Size Fashion – 10 Best Plus Size Style Tips – FREE Online Style Class

Plus Size Fashion and Style Tips – My 10 Best Style Tips in my FREE Online Plus Size Style Class!

The next 30 minutes are going to change your life…Are you ready to change your style? Are you tired of feeling “frumpy”, feeling like things don’t fit, or getting dressed is more frustrating than enjoyable? Attend my FREE Online Style Class here!

This video class was inspired by Claire of MissDMakeup! Check out her channel here:

This Online Style Class is all about my Top 10 Fashion and Style Tips for Plus Size Women. These tips are very universal (no matter what your size!) but really speak to the heart of issues experienced most by “Plus Size” women!

Here’s a recap of what I cover in this video style course:

02:07 Know what to Conceal & Accentuate (List of Do’s and Don’ts)

04:46 Your Undergarments Are Your Most Worthwhile Investment!

08:17 “Bags” Aren’t Sexy – Properly Fitted Clothes Look BEST!

10:20 Your “Birthday Suit” Stays in the Bedroom

13:27 Proper Coordination of Shoes and Pant & Skirt Lengths

16:42 The Key to Wearing Patterns & Color: Location, Location, Location!

19:34 “Cramming” is a BAD WORD! “Making” things fit means they DON’T fit!

21:56 Pay Attention to your “Frosting” (Hair, Nails, Makeup & Accessories). The details MATTER!

25:07 Proportions (and Portions!) are Critically Important to your Overall Look

27:37 Only Wear (or Purchase) Clothes that Fit RIGHT NOW…Do NOT play the “when I lose weight” game!


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