Permanent Makeup and Body Tattoos

Permanent Makeup and Body Tattoos


I can’t believe we have been open for two years now. WOW! It’s all thanks to all you wonderful babes out there that continue to support us 🥰 Studio Artisphere is about empowering women through services that make women feel more confident about themselves! Our mission is to make your everyday life a little easier and bring that confidence out that you always had.

We have some AMAZING promos happening right now! @artistryofangelalin is offering 10% off any of her services or touch-ups appointments for the month of November! And if you book with @lozza.pokes for the month of November you will receive a FREE horoscope constellation add-on! She also has a giveaway happening right now (check out her page to enter)! Not to give away any surprises but @robinjang.pmu might also have something up her sleeve for you babes! Keep checking our page to find out 😏 😉
(*discount is applied at your appointment)

To get more info on our services and the artist’s visit our website!
Studio – @studioartisphere
Artist – @artistryofangelalin, @hollybeyondartistry, @lozza.pokes, @robinjang.pmu,
Graphics/Editing – @amandaapiccolo


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