Pearce arrested after kings cross altercation

Pearce arrested after kings cross altercation

By James Marsh

20 January 2012

Rape, attempted murder and serious injuries to two black teenagers and a group of armed white teenagers have taken place in central Britain in what campaigners and police say is part of a series of racially-motivated attacks and assaults across the country.

The incidents were reported Saturday evening, when a young black man, 20, and two teenagers, aged 19 and 17, were attacked in an area called King’s Cross at around 6pm, according to the Metropolitan Police. The attackers then beat and robbed them while filming the incident on their phones.

In another incident at around 8pm, a black man was walking to his car in a residential area of the city when someone on a bike approached him and, according to witn우리 카지노esses, he was punched. A member of the public intervened and the two men ran, leaving the victim bleeding on the ground, he said. A woman then attempted to intervene but was beaten and arrested, he said.

The black man told police a group of white youths with whom he had a relationship threatened him. He said they then robbed him after asking for £70 from a bank and when he gave them his number, a member of the public who then called the police, was approached and punched and one of the youths threw a bottle at him.

The incident took place in King’s Cross and was reported by two people inside King’s Cross tube station in the area.

The victim described how he was walking through the area at about 8pm when he was followed by a group of at least eight men, five of them wearing “Black Lives Matter” T-shirts, including two in “Hands up don’t shoot” colours, who yelled at him to get on with it, the victim said. The young man then ran away as the group continued to intimidate him. The group had been filming the incident before getting off their bikes and calling the police, he said.

“A number of white people had approached청주출장샵 청주출장안마 me to ask for money but I didn’t have anything in my hand. I had my mobile phone and a bottle of water at my side. They were trying to get me to get on with it and they shouted and said ‘You don’t need no money, come back to us and we’ll get you’,” the victim said.

The group approached from several side streets, as one man on a moped followed the young man to the stati용인출장안마on by a private road, said the witness.



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