Numbers dont tell whole story as australia gets win over india

Numbers dont tell whole story as australia gets win over india

In a series of interviews with Reuters and several international media, the former South Africa coach Johannesburg-based analyst Dr John O’Sullivan argues that Australian cricket lacks the skills and discipline to beat the World No1 with a better attack in the current era of modern-day strategy.

O’Sullivan’s analysis is the first such public explanation for Australia’s recent failure to capture the coveted top spot with a more attacking approach, and the first time he has spoken out about the problems faced in the team’s batting during the recent Tests.

The 23-ye우리카지노ar-old O’Sullivan believes that while it has proved increasingly difficult to score runs against India since the 2013 series, it has proved especially difficult to score in Australia’s current attack in the three Tests against India and Sri Lanka since 2009.

“In the three games in the series against India, the batsmen have gone back into the nets and been so good in attacking the ball in the middle areas and getting the big scores out, that Australia simply can’t get enough runs or bowl at full speed against that team,” O’Sullivan told the newspaper.

“They’ve bowled very weak in the middle. They’ve bowled so little and have been so slow in attacking the ball, that now they can’t g우리카지노et enough runs out for the ball to get up and under their off-stump and the batsman to get his strike rate into line,” he said.

The former New Zealand captain believes that the problem stems back to a number of areas including the batting conditions, the use of three quick and aggressive off-stumps by the spinners, and the lack of quality batting on the field as a result of the increased numbers of new fast bowlers, including fast batsmen like Andrew Flintoff, Ricky Ponting and Brendon McCullum, who have increased the number of runs the batsmen have to score.

“These are the things that make teams fai바카라사이트l,” O’Sullivan said, referring to the team’s failings in recent Ashes and World T20s. “All these factors and the lack of control is going to be an issue. It’s just going to have to be an enormous, enormous challenge for the Australian bowlers to get them over there and stop them from bowling as much.”

A number of Australian newspapers have made significant suggestions that the problems have had a knock-on effect on the Test team in recent years.


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