Non Surgical Hair Replacement | Clip On Hair Patch/Wigs for Men in India

Non Surgical Hair Replacement | Clip On Hair Patch/Wigs for Men in India

We are specialists in non-surgical hair replacement systems/ hair wigs for men(Mumbai/bandra-Head Office).

Are you suffering from baldness/hair loss? contact us to get a free consultation –
+91 9 222 666 111 or visit our website-

Our head office is in Mumbai. For all our clients outside Mumbai we do an online/ phone consultation. For further details please call/ watsapp on +91 9222666111.

We, at American Hairline specialize in customized hair replacement systems/ wigs for men according to your hair color, texture, base shape, size and the style you desire. Regain your confidence by getting a head full of hair and win your battle with baldness.

We are based in Mumbai. We design & customize hair systems, supply across India on an online platform .

Our client, Swapnil, wanted a solution for his hair loss desperately. His hair had thinned out mostly and he needed to add more density and thickness to his existing hair. Swapnil was getting married soon, and this seemed like the perfect solution for him as it gave him results instantly.
In this video, hair replacement expert, Vinitt Dessai helps you to understand if a clip on hair system is meant for you? Most people are confused about what kind of hair replacement system or hair patch they must choose.

The video also makes it very simple for you to take that decision. Vinitt also explains in detail if one can go for a hair transplant at this stage of hair loss and finally reveals easy ways to style your hair system on your own.

He was overjoyed to see himself with a head full of hair and could not stop admiring himself. After a really long time, he found the perfect non surgical solution for his baldness.

Swapnil got his confidence back and so can you. Undetectable, Air active base, Non-surgical and Customizable. The ultimate confidence package.

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