No Shampoo Wash Day: 4c Natural Hair Fall & Winter Routine

No Shampoo Wash Day: 4c Natural Hair Fall & Winter Routine

Hi everyone. This is basically my fall and winter wash regimen for my 4c natural hair. I do this “no poo” method in between washes with real shampoo and it also helps with dry scalp. I typically shampoo once monthly then use this method in between.

The key ingredient is Bentonite Clay:

I mixed it with the following products:
1. Ampro vitamin E oil:
2. Queen of Kinks, Curls & Coils Soften Me Tangle-free!” Pre-poo Detangler & Nourishing Conditioner :
3. 2 cups of your favorite tea. I used Publix’s decaffeinated black tea.

Basically, I use bentonite clay, conditioner, oil and tea to create my treatment/ shampoo. I mix it so that it has the consistency of a runny moisturizer. The thicker it is, the more clay you will use and the harder it is to rinse out. I like to save on clay, so I make mine thin. Also, it’s easier to apply throughout your hair.

I apply the bentonite clay treatment in four sections and I keep it in for 3 hours if I plan on washing during the day otherwise I will leave it in overnight and finish in the morning.

This is a cleansing, moisturizing routine and it’s a lot like a cowash. It is an excellent detox for the hair and doesn’t overdry it. That’s all there is to this simple instruction for how to wash your natural hair for added moisture during the colder months.

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