Nail Care for Massage Therapists

Nail Care for Massage Therapists

How to keep your nails short, how to deal with hangnails, and the secret to scratch-free massages! Click here to buy a glass nail file (and support this channel):

A quick FAQ:
How often should I clip my nails? I actually only clip my nails when I have an extended break (4+ days). While I’m working I’ll file my nails every other day instead.

How short should my nails be? I keep mine short enough that I can press my fingers into skin at a 90 degree angle without leaving nail marks. If you’d like to make sure your nails are short enough, just ask your clients!

Should I clip my cuticles? They’re protective epithelium, and clipping them or pushing them back can sometimes allow infection. I don’t bother.

What do I do about pain following nailcare? If the area around your nail is sore after filing or clipping, the nail may be too short, or you might be causing too much abrasion to your skin. Apply some New Skin or other ointment, and don’t clip/file so much next time.

What if I bleed after clipping a hangnail? Apply some antibacterial ointment, a bandaid, and a finger cot or glove. Consider it a fresh cut for the purposes of massage.

Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments!

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