My style tips to hide a tummy (without shapewear) | Justine Leconte

My style tips to hide a tummy (without shapewear) | Justine Leconte

You don’t feel best around the waist and you want to conceal or hide your tummy? Why jump onto shapewear when there are simple clothes, shapes, cuts and proportions that do the job perfectly?
This video is a list of ideas and examples: pick the elements that fit your body type and that you feel good in 🙂

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Part one of the series: fabric weight and woven vs. knitted:

How to find out your undertone:

The right hair color for your skin:

What the colors you wear say about you:



Oversized denim dress*:

Blue oversized dress below the knee*:

Zebra A-line dress with belt element*:

Halter top A-line dress without marked waist*:

Empire dress blue/black/grey (maternity)*:

Empire dress black casual*:

Asymmetric light top printed*:

Asymmeric top bi-color*:

Peplum top navy blue*:

Ruffle dress pink*:

High-waist loose slim pants*:

High-waist grey wide pants*:

Long black cardigan*:

Blazer worn open*:

Linen/viscose blazer*:

NOTE: those garments are examples. It doesn’t mean that I know the production process of those brands or the quality of their garments.

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