My Nail Care Routine! 16 Tips to Healthy Beautiful Strong Long Nails & How To Manicure

My Nail Care Routine! 16 Tips to Healthy Beautiful Strong Long Nails & How To Manicure

Check out my nail care routine! In this nail care tutorial I give 16 tips for healthy and beautiful nails — a complete nail care routine or nail treatment guide! I also show how to manicure and give you essential manicure tips. This nail care routine is suitable for long and short nails! To get perfect, beautiful, healthy and well manicured nails you don’t have to visit a nail salon. Now you will be able to enjoy a complete nail care treatment and learn a manicure routine at home. You will never need fake or artificial nails again. To summarize, in this holistic nail care tutorial I provide must know tips on how to nail care, how to manicure and how to draw a cute flower nail art at home.

I also give you many useful tips on how to tackle problems like peeling nails, week nails prone to breakage, splitting nails, dry nails and nail fungus. By following this nail care and manicure tutorial you will get strong and longer nails by yourself at home.

As mentioned, This nail care routine also features many tips for painting your nails (manicure), so that the nail polish won’t look streaky, gloopy or uneven. A good nail polish is very important as well, my favorite brands are Essie and OPI as their polishes normally give opaque color in 2 coats (other brands include: Red Carpet, Nails inc., RGB) . And of course, pink nail polishes are the ones I like the most.

Further, I show you how to easily be your own nail artist. I create a nail design of a little flower. A nail art / nail design like this one will make your manicure even more interesting and fun. I hope that you enjoyed this how to nail care routine and manicure tutorial and if you have any questions regarding my nail care routine; please let me know!

Healthy and Beautiful Nail Tips (Nail Care and Manicure Tips) at home:
Beautiful hands tip #1 Moisturize your hands regularly
Nail care routine tip #2 Once a week pamper your nails with nutritional oils
Nail Treatment tip #3 Use a file with a fine surface
How to nail care tip #4 File your nails in one direction only
How to healthy nails #5 Use nail and cuticle cleanser
How to cuticle care #6 Use cuticle oil to make cuticle softer
How to beautiful hands #7 Never cut or trim the cuticle
How to manicure tip #8 Always use base coat to prevent staining
How to nail polish tip #9 Don’t load your brush with too much polish
Manicure tip #10 Apply thin coats of polish
Manicure tutorial tip #11 Make sure the first coat of polish is completely dry before applying the second
Longer nails tip #12 Leave some space on the nail edges to make your nails look longer and slimmer
Manicure routine #13 Use nail polish remover without acetone
Healthy nails tip #14 Hydration is vital
Strong nails tip #15 Eat healthy
Long and strong nails tip #16 Consume essential vitamins additionally
Bonus nail care routine tip: Always use a top coat

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