My haven, Wallace & Gromit in their cosy living room

Wallace & Gromit (pictured) revealed the items of personal significance inside of their living room, as they prepare for Christmas


Creature comforts are at the heart of a happy home. 

So after a hard day’s inventing there’s really nothing better than to sit and relax in my favourite armchair, put my feet up and cradle a warm cup of tea.

I love my living room, especially when it’s all decked out for the festive season. If a house is a man’s castle, then his armchair has to be his throne.


It’s hard to believe it was 30 years ago that Gromit and I built that rocket for our cheese holiday. 

I’ve never tasted anything quite like that moon cheese since. The closest I got was Stinking Archbishop, a powerful little number that really made our eyes water. 

Since we made our rocket – this is a mini version – I’ve used my inventions to modernise our lifestyle. 

Which reminds me, I must adjust the tension on my Jam Ballista machine that catapults jam onto my toast – it keeps jamming on me.   


Gromit lad is my trusty hound, best friend and a rather fine test dummy too. Gromit is an essential part of my life at 62 West Wallaby Street. 

Wallace and Gromit made a rocket (pictured) for their cheese holiday 30 years ago

Wallace and Gromit made a rocket (pictured) for their cheese holiday 30 years ago

Wallace and Gromit made a rocket (pictured) for their cheese holiday 30 years ago

I really don’t know what I’d do without him. He’s a dab hand at welding as it happens too. 

He always seems to know when I’m in need, and is there to save the day – I mean if the toast’s burning or something like that, nothing adventurous.


Crackers and cheese make the world go round – they are the elixir of life. I couldn’t do without them. 

I have a hamper loaded with the aforementioned on standby in the kitchen in case of picnic emergencies or if we have to exit the house in a hurry. 

It’s best to be prepared for the unexpected – I’d never leave the house without my ‘caseus praestans’, that’s Latin for ‘cracking cheese’, y’know.


At this time of year a freshly brewed pot of tea and a piping-hot mince pie are just the ticket.

Despite being the proprietor of a renowned bakery and being an honorary master baker, I do find it easier to get Gromit to buy in our mince pies, but he has to be quick as they sell like hot cakes. 

I must say that at Christmas mince pies quickly rise to the No 1 spot in my teatime routine. Speaking of which… put the kettle on.


As an inventor, thinking is my top priority when trying to come up with the latest addition to my modern lifestyle. 

I find that having cold toes takes my mind off the matter in hand and feeling toasty is essential. 

Slippers really are the only way to remain comfortable and focused at all times around the house. 

I had a lodger once, a penguin, who was a right bad egg – but to give him a little credit he was good at carrying my slippers.

Watch Aardman films on Netflix, and over the festive season on the BBC. Wallace and Gromit have teamed up with clothing brand Joules, who are also celebrating 30 years, to produce a Christmas range.


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