my hair care routine | 10 tips for long, healthy hair

my hair care routine | 10 tips for long, healthy hair

here’s a transcript of the video if u need it

taking care of my hair is a very soothing thing for me. i find comfort in routines like this. also having damaged hair makes me extremely anxious. i’ll show you my hair care routine and give tips all throughout it on how to keep your hair healthy.

about my hair

i have very thick, dense hair that needs a lot of moisture. my hair is naturally jet black. my hair type is straight at the root wavy at the body and curly if it gets short enough. i cut my hair a little past my chin march of 2016, three years later it’s this length.

before i shower i detangle my hair with a wet brush. it’s better to detangle your hair while it’s dry because it’s more elastic and prone to damage while wet. i always gently detangle or else what’s the point if you don’t want damage.

first thing i do when i get in the shower is wet my hair. get it in order maybe put in a little bit of conditioner if it’s still tangled.

then i shampoo. i use a lot of shampoo only on my scalp. the most efficient way for me is top of my head first then bottom or underneath my hair and back of my head. i might put on the amount i showed three times.

almost every shower i deep condition my hair. i put it on from around my chin to the ends of my hair and wherever its driest for me it’s the back of my head and the ends.

i then clip it up and continue my shower routine and rinse it off before i hop out.

i brush my hair once i hop out, very gently, to take the excess water out. i sometimes add in this leave in conditioner or an oil. i don’t have a preference to which oil, most likely argon oil. and brush it again to distribute it.

i use this specialized hair towel that’s made out of microfiber cloth that i got from bed bath and beyond. i haven’t found a microfiber towel that’s big enough for my hair but if your hair is short, a cheap microfiber towel from the car section at walmart will work.

after i take it out i let it air dry and brush it with a different wet brush to keep it smooth. when it’s drying that’s when i find out if i put too much or not enough conditioner. if i didn’t put enough i spray it with water and put some product on. i try to never sleep with my hair wet even though i shower at night.

all my hair tips

* wash your hair as infrequently as you can.

* find out your hair type, texture, porosity and density.

* don’t put any heat on your hair. if you frequently straighten your hair and it’s not damaged i’d recommend getting a perm.

* put your hair in a protective style as often as possible. braids work for all hair types.

* keep your hair untangled. detangling it often is better than doing it once when it gets really tangled and damages your hair.

* use all natural products. no silicones, sulfates, parabens or bad alcohols. do your research on what’s in your ingredients list.

* if you have damaged hair the best way to fix it is to find the reason why it’s damaged. for me it was from friction and having long hair caused tangling.

* find the right products for your hair and what you need. your products will probably change with the seasons because your hairs needs change. in the winter it’s much drier. i’ve gone through a LOT of different products and always search for the best ones.

* if you have split ends, cut them off. there is no product out there that will repair split ends. cut them off as soon as you see damage so you don’t have to cut off a lot when your hair grows.

* it’s a myth that you should trim your hair every other month or something. only trim it when necessary.

* i always trim my hair at home with professional hair scissors that i got from ulta for about $30.

i made a whole ass video on how i take care of my hair and boys really be using two in one shampoo and conditioner


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