My 10 Minute, ELF Makeup for Older Women Routine – Let's Have Some Fun!

My 10 Minute, ELF Makeup for Older Women Routine – Let's Have Some Fun!

Makeup for older women can be fun and inexpensive. That’s the simple message that I want to share with you in this tutorial video. List of products is below.

Many people think that older women don’t care about their appearance. Well, as a 69-year-old woman, I can tell you that this definitely isn’t true.

We still love to look on the outside the way that we do on the inside!

Unfortunately, many of the makeup products that are supposedly designed for mature woman are either super expensive or ineffective.

So, today, I want to feature an inexpensive brand, ELF, that I love to use once in a while. I’m not being paid to do this video. I just like how their makeup looks on me!

I have included a full list of the products that I used in this video below. I hope that you find this video and the list of products useful! If you do, please share and like this video. Your support means so much to me!



Nacomi Rose Hip Oil
Catrice Prime and Fine
Loreal 24 Matte (Sand)
ELF Blush Palette
ELF Eye Palette
ELF Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara –
ELF Undereye Concealer and Brightener –
ELF Lipstick – Ravishing Rose
ELF Lipstick – Pink Minx


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