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Ok so here’s the thing guys, your in the gym all week working on your arms, chest and shoulders so that you look pumped up when your at the bar or club, and you can show off the goods to all the single ladies. Your arms barely fit in your t shirt sleeves, your chest looks like you need a bra and your shoulders look like you have stuffed two basketballs under your shirt.

But what do ya shoes look like? If you asked 100 guys what they think girls notice first when checking out a guy, I think most men would say things like arms, how tall you are, how thick your wallet is, but what very few guys would say – are shoes.

Now — just a warning that you may find the rest of the information in this video very hard to believe. If you can see the logic, then good for you, take it on board and the battle is half won, but I’m sure the majority of you may think I’m on another planet.

If this is the case – I urge you to show this video to your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother or female friends or work colleagues and ask for their opinion, and I’m sure most of them will agree with what I’m saying.

As guys we can improve the appearance of our face in small ways by changing haircuts, playing around with facial hair, taking care of your skin etc, but for the most part, the face you were born with is the face you have for life, but this is the complete opposite for shoes.

You have no excuse for not wearing a good pair of shoes and this is why a women will either consciously or unconsciously look at your shoes first. I mean think of it like this, say you love a particular sport and you see a girl wearing the jersey of the team that you follow, would that create some attraction or connection for you? I’m pretty sure it would. Well just about all girls love shoes, so if they see that you have good taste in shoes, that will act as a point of connection for them.

However what is far more telling to a woman is a man wearing shoes that are falling apart at the seams, cheap and nasty, or made from something outlandish like alligator or snake skin. Even the shape and style of your shoes are really important.

If your shoes are falling apart a woman may think “well what else in his life is falling apart, his car, his relationships, his job”

If your shoes are dirty or covered in mud or scuff marks then you better believe that she is already picturing walking into your house and side stepping dirty clothes on the floor and dirty dishes scattered throughout the house.

If your shoes are cheap and nasty then she may think “well if he won’t spend money to buy a decent pair of shoes, then I won’t hold my breath to be taken out to a decent restaurant or receive a half decent engagement ring” if things were to get serious.

If you have a lame, outdated pair of square toe leather shoes or your wearing tennis shoes with jeans – then its safe to say she won’t be picturing your face when she is reading 50 shades of grey

And if you hit on a girl whilst wearing snake or alligator skin shoes then the girl will immediately raise her sleaze wall and it is probably safe to assume that she will have one hand covering her glass – and the other hand grasping the can of mase spray inside her handbag

However – if your wearing a nice pair of dress shoes or a quality pair of casual shoes, a woman will appreciate the effort you make to present well, because whether you Iike it or not, most woman care to some degree about status, and when a girl introduces you to her friends or family for the first time they want you to look good and be a good representation and extension of themselves.

If your shoes are clean, tidy and in good condition – then a woman is more inclined to think that other areas of your life are also in good condition and you have your shit together – more importantly, a woman may think that if your willing to take care of your shoes then your willing to take care of her.

I have also included some links in the description area below which are written by women regarding this topic. So check them out for learning. I hope this opens up your eyes to the importance of what your shoes are saying about you. Thanks for listening guts and keep learning and improving.


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