Men's Style Tips from Andreas Weinås – One of the 10 Best Dressed Men

Men's Style Tips from Andreas Weinås – One of the 10 Best Dressed Men

In 2015, Andreas Weinås was voted as one of the 10 most rakish men in the world by Rake Japan. In this interview, he will share his approach to style and more.

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00:23 Andreas, how old are you?

00:29 I read about you that you went to a textile college and that you got a degree in textile and business and you also used to be a professional handball player, is that right?

02:18 That’s very true but you mentioned punk and preppy, was that really the way you dressed?

03:13 You came from professional sports then you kind of developed this interest in style and how did you end up in textile school then?

04:27 So, you mentioned Manolo. tell us about Manolo. What is Manolo?

04:54 Okay, so how many visitors do you attract per month?

05:35 Wow, so did you start at that position at Manolo or how did you work your way there?

06:38 You’re already eluded to it but what would you say are the core values of Manolo compared to King?

10:13 How would you describe your style?

14:21 What are the most worn pieces in your wardrobe?

15:14 So, how important is quality in your life?

15:47 Where would you say do you buy your clothes?

17:16 So, what shoe brands do you go for?

19:29 So, what are your style pet peeves?

22:16 Why do you prefer the vintage watch?

25:52 Oxford or Derby?

26:10 Flannel or worsted?

26:22 Neck tie or bow tie?

26:34 Belt or suspenders?

27:12 Barrel cuff or French cuff?

27:25 Undershirt or no undershirt?

28:20 Off the rack or custom?

28:40 Alright, so what can we expect from Andreas Weinas in 2016 and beyond?

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