Men’s Fashion Tips for Spring | Mens Style

Men’s Fashion Tips for Spring | Mens Style

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Guys, it’s time to change up your clothes for spring. Follow Fashionista Chica’s lead as she gives this guy a complete makeover! From linen pants to classic patterns, invest in a few key pieces and get a warm weather wardrobe to take you through summer. You’ll be ready for brunches in the city and summer nights at the beach.


Hey everyone, this is Marisol, the Fashionista Chica with Pressroom VIP.

The weather is warming and the sun is peeking through the clouds, which means two things: spring is on its way, and it’s time to do some shopping. Today we’re going to show our male viewers, and the ladies shopping for their boyfriends, how to create four great outfits this spring.

Outfit 1: Working for the Happy Hour
Patterned shirts with small designs are the trend this spring, and lightweight chinos in a fun color give this outfit versatile use.

Outfit 2: Friday Night Life
When out at night, you should be sweating from dancing, not from heavy layers. A paisley collared shirt with linen pants will keep you feeling cool, in more ways than one. Easy. Breezy!

Outfit 3: Brunch a Bunch
For your weekend brunch, keep those linen pants on, but keep it fun with a breezy collared shirt. Remember, brighter colors will help you stay cool in the sun while sipping your Bloody Mary.

Outfit3: The Perfect Getaway
Pink is back for men. With this look, the light color will keep the sun off you, but the heavier material can keep you warm if that spring breeze sets in. Make sure to bring a jacket for those colder nights on the beach.

What’s great about these choices is many of them can be mixed and matched, so don’t be afraid to get creative. Which look was your favorite? Comment below. This is Marisol, the Fashionista Chica with Pressroom VIP, telling you to keep it trendy.


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