Men's Fashion Tips – Fashion Makeover | PMM Series Krisztian Ep-1

Men's Fashion Tips – Fashion Makeover | PMM Series Krisztian Ep-1

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This is the 1st episode of Krisztian’s transformation from our ‘Proven Matchmaking Series’. In this episode, you will learn about men’s fashion trends and styles. Expert men’s fashion tips provided in this video are based on Krisztian’s fashion makeover process, where our experienced stylist, dating consultant and matchmaker, Davida, explains the whole transformation step by step.

01:21 Krisztian’s introduction. Krisztian talks about his experiences with girls and dating.

04:24 Davida is asking girls’ opinions in public to rank Krisztian’s fashion sense from zero to ten prior to his fashion makeover.

06:14 Transformation day. Davida explains the process of Krisztian’s fashion makeover and provides valuable men’s fashion tips.

07:35 Davida is asking gilrs’ opinions in public once again to rank Krisztian’s fashion from zero to ten after the makeover process.

08:27 Matchmaking – Davida is hooking up girls and Krisztian in public for a quick coffee date.

09:42 Watch the next episode to see what results Krisztian got from these encounters:

Every guy ask themselves what to wear on a date, how to look great and be fashionable. After watching this episode, we are positive that you will have a better sense of men’s style do’s and don’ts, and what important role men’s clothing play in how girls perceive you. Davida is a competent fashion consultant who gives many great style tips, while thoroughly going through all the transformation process with Krisztian, which involves practically the ‘whole wardrobe’; topics, such as: shoes, trousers, shirts, jackets, grooming etc. These fashion tips can be instantly applied to improve your dressing habits, so that you can increase your chances of attracting women when going out or going on a date.

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