Men Hair : Natural Curly Hair Regimen – Tips & Tricks

Men Hair : Natural Curly Hair Regimen – Tips & Tricks

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Hello guys,
i wanted to share with you my husband natural hair regimen / journey or his curly hair regimen. I started to take care for his hair since we got together and i started to take care of his curly hair since October 2014, the day we decided to go curly. I explained in that video what he does weekly and what kind of products he actually uses on his hair.
I also gave some tips and tricks in that video to help guys that are engaged in the curly hair regimen. Black men can get curly hair, yes. For that you have to be patient, consistent and you need the right products. Having curly hair won’t come overnight just because you did the process once, but by doing it regularly, you will see change day by day and curls pop in out…
So i encourage all the guys that want curly hair to not give up but keep looking , trying, caring for your hair. I am here guys if you need help…This video is about natural hair regimen for black men & natural curly hair regimen for black men . This video is also about : how black men can curl their hair or how black men can get curly hair or how black men can have curly hair 0r how black men can naturally curl his hair.

Products Mentioned:
– Tressemme Undone conditioner
-As I Am coconut cowash
– Cantu Shea Butter cleansing conditioner
– Trader Joe Tea Tree Tingle conditioner
– Pink Ecostyle Gel
– Argan oil Eco Style Gel
-Baking Soda

Alternative Products:
– Light conditioner : Hugo Natural :

– Moisturizing Conditioner : Giovanni 50/50 Balance

– Cowash conditioner :

Good Deal For natural hair and skin products :
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