Mature Makeup Tips

Mature Makeup Tips

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Hi Everyone. Its Sharron Pinheiro from Eve Organics
Todays video is geared toward either those of us that are over 35 or anyone who needs a little help from their makeup to achieve a more youthful appearance.
These 5 tips are simple, but make a world of difference.
Lets get started:
Remember, less is more. If you are going for a more dramatic eye look, use light neutral colors for the rest of your face. This is a simple rule that can be used by everyone! Choose one area of your face to bring in the color and go neutral with everything else.
Brows Brows brows. Our brows are more sparse as we age and some women even lose the tail of their brow altogether. Brows are the frame of the face. Without them properly placed and filled it, we look much older. Check out this picture of Angelina Jolie without brows. See what I mean?
If you are over 35, especially if you are lighter complected, try not to use a liquid liner unless you are going to a formal event. The liquid liner is much more harsh and can look uneven or jaggedy because of the looser skin on the lid as we age. Instead, smudge eyeliner pencil or use a dark powdered shadow. It’ll make your eyes look larger.
As we age, we tend to lose the warmth in our skin tone and it tends to get drier – to brighten and hydrate you skin tone, use a combination of Eve Organics Renewal Moisturizer and foundation for a dewy, youthful look (remember less is more).
Exfoliate lips to remove all dry, dead skin. By removing the dry skin, it eliminates most of the bleeding of lip color into the fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth.
You can go back to some of our earlier videos to see just how to place the brows or exfoliate the lips, etc. I’ll put the links below.
Try these tips and work them into your makeup routine. Guaranteed you’ll be happy you did!
So remember, we’re eve Organics, made by real women for real women…. if you like the video, share it with a friend.


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