Makeup Tips To Look 10 Years Younger ‍(Simple Ways)

Makeup Tips To Look 10 Years Younger ‍(Simple Ways)

Research says, makeup looks attractive

Women’s makeup really looks interesting. This has been proved in the study. US researchers say women use lipstick and eye shadow really looks beautiful. For older women, the use of makeup seems to be younger than their actual age. Eye shadow has a greater effect than lipstick to show off.

Recent studies have found that the use of makeup helps to characterize three characteristics of youth and make it look attractive. These three features are smooth skin, facial contrast and facial changes.

Richard Russell, a researcher at the Department of Psychology of Gettysburg College of Pennsylvania, USA, led the study. He researches the makeup of 32, 20, 30, 40 and 50-year-old women.

Researcher Russell said in many cases, when a girl will makeup, she has a specific rule. In some cases older people makeup than the younger ones. Need to know how to make a suitable makeup with age.

In order to study makeup, the researchers took pictures of their face without face. After this, makeup makeup in the face of professional make-up artistes who have participated in the study. Their photos are taken in specific environments and lights. Then they were asked to guess the age of the 10 to 70 scale by viewing the pictures of their faces. In addition to age estimates, it is also known as the list of interesting pictures.

The research paper published in the journal ‘British Journal of Psychology’ has been published. It has been said, the face of the middle-aged woman looks young when making makeup. Again the same makeup shows the elderly women older.

Researchers say that making makeup and lipstick more than just lipstick and making makeup near your eyes, there is a special effect in age differences. References: Scientific American and Daily Mail.


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