Makeup Over 60 | Step 6: Eyes – Secrets for how to apply eye shadow on older eyes

Makeup Over 60 | Step 6: Eyes – Secrets for how to apply eye shadow on older eyes

This is the 6th in a series of 7 videos that go through the stages of makeup application for older women. In our first five videos we discussed primer, foundation, concealer, brows and blush. In this video we look at eye makeup.

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Celebrity makeup artist Ariane Poole first reminds us that eye colour and eye shape are different for every face. With eyes, in particular, you don’t need a lot of product to make a beautiful impact.

Eyes are the “windows to the soul,” so it is important that you follow your instinct about what you are comfortable with applying. She recommends that you gravitate to eye makeup products and techniques that reflect the true you.

Like every other makeup category there many eye shadows, mascaras and eyelash curlers. Eye products are where personal preference rules – express your inner bohemian or classic style.

In this video we did 2 different looks on each eye. These colours were perfect for hazel eyes, but of course there are hundreds of shades for different.

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