Look Younger w/Makeup Part 1

Look Younger w/Makeup Part 1

Hello! ready to stop looking old? Need a few tips and tricks (Maybe a few you have never even thought of? Then get ready for a few good ones!

Hi, I’m Jennifer, founder of happygorgeouslife.com!

I’m dedicated to helping women over 40 achieve a happy AND gorgeous life with simple, effective beauty techniques and solutions that make a BIG impact. I know how busy most women, especially women over 40, are! We are juggling our families, careers, personal lives, and home routines, all the while trying to look presentable, put together, and “current” without looking like we are trying too hard! As an older woman myself, I know what it’s like to feel disconnected to the current beauty trends. Social media and the entertainment industry are constantly presenting us images of super young woman with tons of heavy makeup on, as if we can relate. Or, we are shown over complicated, lavish skincare routines. As if most of us have time for that?! The smart over 40 woman knows what will work for her, and what won’t translate into her daily, busy life. When it comes to beauty and wellness, anything overly complicated just doesn’t cut it.

I love making fun videos talking about how we can take small teaks to our routines and techniques to make a big impact to how great we can look and feel!

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