LOOK YOUNGER/BABY FACE/NO FOUNDATION Makeup (acne skin)| Iry Wallenholm

LOOK YOUNGER/BABY FACE/NO FOUNDATION Makeup (acne skin)| Iry Wallenholm

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Today I am bringing you this look that I have been wearing this summer. It has been unusually hot here in Sweden and the thought of wearing heavy makeup was just unbearable. So I went and bought a tinted moisturizer and I LOVE how it looks on my skin.
This is a fool-proof makeup that makes you look younger and gives you fresh radiant skin. I am literally just using all the features that make someone look younger and slapping them on my face hahaha!
I am also having the worst acne of my life. It has been horrible these last 2 months but I am finally starting to see some improvement. I will keep you updated and film a video once I am sure it is actually working (in 4 or 5 weeks).

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