Look Years Younger with These 6 Makeup Tips

Look Years Younger with These 6 Makeup Tips

Look Years Younger | 6 Makeup Tips

Even if you are feeling older than you are, you don’t have to look it! Instead, take advantage of these great makeup tips that can boost what Mother Nature has already given you and drop a few years off the way your face looks!
1. Daily SPF Moisturizer
Not only do you want to make sure you moisturize your skin, but you want to protect it from the damage that the sun can do. Even if you think you aren’t exposed to too much sun, sunscreen isn’t just for the beach! The walking you do in the parking lot between your car and work, the time you spend in the car, and even the sun’s rays that come in through the windows when you are inside can all negatively affect the way your skin ages. So use an SPF of at least 15 in your daily moisture regimen.
2. Night Cream
The one time that you don’t need sunscreen is when you are sleeping. Use a different moisturizer for night-time—one that is super creamy. This one doesn’t need to be applied under your makeup so it can be extra generous to your skin. Of course, you need to wash it off in the morning before starting over with your daily skin care regimen.
3. Drop the Dry Powder
Moisture, moisture, moisture! The key to looking younger is to play up what your skin needs, which is….moisture. While you might have needed a dry powder to soak up extra oil when you were younger, now it may only serve to fill in crevices and make you look older. Instead go for a liquid foundation that has a powdery finish to keep your skin looking supple and air-brushed.
4. Soften the Eyeliner
If you’ve always used kohl black eyeliner, it might be time to re-evaluate this decision. The harsh reality is that you need to accentuate without being too harsh. Instead of black, try a creamy brown eyeliner that lends a softer, more natural look while still playing up your eyes.
5. Always Use Concealer
Sometimes those dark circles under your eyes just can’t quite be covered up with your regular makeup. Before applying your makeup, go for a concealer that is just a shade or two lighter than your foundation. This will help to counteract the darkness under your eyes and balance out your complexion.
6. Go Natural
Whatever you do in your makeup regimen, do your best to keep it natural. Even if you are fighting against growing old, you want to appear to age gracefully rather than looking like you are trying too hard. Learn to love the beauty that the years have earned you, and use your beauty regimen to compliment what you already have going for you.


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