Long Hair Over 40? Yes! Plus Growth Tips

Long Hair Over 40? Yes! Plus Growth Tips

Long Hair Over 40? Yes! Plus Growth Tips. There is no reason to cut your hair short over 40. So why do people put pressure on women to cut off their hair? According to the Queens Hairdresser Ian Carmichael, older women look great with long hair and cutting your hair short does not necessarily make you look younger.

The Rules also suggest to wear your hair longer at least past your shoulders to stay sexy and feminine, and The Rules Revisited, a completely unrelated book to The Rules, which has a similar name, also thinks women are sexy over 40 with long hair. Men love long hair, and find it feminine and sexy. Please like and subscribe, I will have a lot more videos to come! I have a ton of topics I want to discuss. By the way I am over 40, but I don’t believe in age at all. I feel 29 inside.

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